Tuba Tales - An Educational Program of the Tuba Bach Chamber Music Festival

The Tuba Bach Chamber Music Festival is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Since its inception in 2006, Tuba Bach has brought hundreds of exceptional musicians from around the world, across the United states, and from every corner of our state to present concerts and educational programming in West-Central Michigan, free of charge and available to all.

Starting in 2013, tuba Bach has chosen to expand its programming to elementary school children throughout west and Central Michigan through Tuba Tales.



ill titleAbout Tuba Tales

Once Upon an Assembly...with Tuba Tales

Through storytelling, puppetry and music, Tuba Tales tickles the mind and entices students to use their natural abilities to imagine and create. Our entertaining and energetic 45-minute program presents your students with opportunities to interpret stories through music, participate in dramatic play and help create an impromptu adventure tale.

Using giant books, original puppets and music to keep your students’ attention, our presentation will stimulate them to:

Who We Are

Dr. Edward K. Mallett worked nearly a dozen years as a university professor before deciding to drop everything and pursue his lifelong dream of being a full-time performer and composer. So far, so good, but he doesn’t recommend this approach to the faint of heart. He has been fortunate to have played throughout North America, collaborating with hundreds of wonderful musicians representing nearly every genre imaginable, and has had his compositions played around the world. His favorite audience, however, is his wife and two sons.

Adriana Mallett is a Michigan native who has been storytelling and creatively writing for the better part of twenty years. Upon entrance into motherhood, Mrs. Mallett shifted her priorities from the science lab to being a full-time mom. She believes that stories should be shared and finds every opportunity to inspire young minds to soar.

Our Mission

The goal of Tuba Tales is two-fold:

As an added bonus, the stories chosen for the Tuba Tales assembly program also convey messages that nurture character building and discourage bullying.


“The Tuba Tales program has such uplifting energy which brings out enthusiastic audience participation...keeps the students interested and involved. A great program to showcase creativity and the creative process.”
- Helen, elementary principal

“This show is arterrific!”
- Gordon, kindergarten student

“The Malletts make a great team...children are spellbound, fascinated...what fun!”
- Alice, librarian

“Adriana reads with such amazing expression.”
- Angel, elementary librarian

“I loved the tuba!”
- Howard, library assistant


Tuba Tales program: $650
Multiple show and Block Booking discounts are available.

Financial assistance is available through Tuba Bach Grants. This sponsor pays a percentage of the performance fee and does not affect the content of the show in any way.