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Tuba Bach: A Priceless Opportunity

While there is no admission fee to attend the Tuba Bach Chamber Music Festival concerts and most special events (some of our workshops occasionally have a small fee to cover food costs, etc.), rather than think of them as free, we prefer to think of our concerts and outreach programs as being priceless. After all, to attend performances by any of our guest artists would normally involve a hefty ticket price, not to mention travel to a large metropolitan area. To have not just one, but six performances by world-class artists, and with a variety of educational and cultural enrichment opportunities for our students and community members, and to have them all presented right here in Big Rapids, and to have them available without an admission charge, is truly a priceless opportunity for everyone.

Tuba Bach’s priceless performances do come with a financial cost – tens of thousands of dollars, in fact – paid by contributions from businesses, organizations, and individuals like you.

Please consider making a donation to the Tuba Bach Chamber Music Festival. Your gift of $20 could buy a meal for one of our artists; $50 could purchase a piece of sheet music; $75 could have the piano tuned for a concert; $100 could provide a night of lodging for a performer; $300 could pay the auditorium rental for a concert; $400 could provide airfare for an out-of-state musician; $500 could put a Tuba Bach assembly program in another area school. Whatever the amount of your contribution, know that it will go directly toward putting world-class musicians on stage in Big Rapids, and making these priceless performances available to all in our community.

Levels of Support

Donation Level
Up to $50 Tuba Tooter
$50 -$99 Bach Backer
$100 -$249 Chamber Champ
$250 -$499 Music Maestro
$500 + Festival Angel

Please donate by following this link. Tuba Bach CD recordings are also available at this link.  To discuss print advertising, website promotion, and other benefits associated with sponsorships, please contact Edward Mallett by telephone at (231) 796-0712 or e-mail at

Tuba Bach’s Mission:

  • The Tuba Bach Festival brings world-class musicians to the Big Rapids area for outstanding performance experiences. Your donations help to bring those musicians here.
  • The Tuba Bach Festival seeks opportunities to instill an appreciation for the fine arts in our children, as well as for all community members, through school assembly presentations, workshops and clinics. Your contributions help to make those opportunities for our children in particular and our community as a whole available.
  • The Tuba Bach Festival brings new and outstanding performers to the area and has them perform side by side with some of the tremendous talents that we have here in our community. Your financial backing makes these opportunities possible.
  • The Tuba Bach Festival strives to increase the awareness of and passion for chamber music and the performing arts in our community. Your monetary gifts show that these ideals are important to you, as well.

The Tuba Bach Chamber Music Festival is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Since its inception in 2006, Tuba Bach has brought hundreds of exceptional musicians from around the world, across the United States, and from every corner of our state to present concerts and educational programming in West-Central Michigan, free of charge and available to all.

Tuba Bach Chamber Music Festival
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